Seminar ‘The Flexible Factory: industrial assembly in the 21st century’

Wij maken u graag attent op onderstaand seminar over Industry 4.0-geďnspireerde assemblage. Dit thema is zeer relevant voor de maakindustrie. Vandaar ook het Made Different-programma en de jaarlijkse Factory of the Future Awards. Waar Agoria voornamelijk inzet op een professionele coördinatie en communicatie over Factory of the Future-gerelateerde thema’s, concentreert Sirris zich met zijn activiteiten in Diepenbeek en Kortrijk op de begeleiding van bedrijven bij de introductie van huidige beschikbare technologie. Flanders Make en IMEC focussen beiden dan weer op toegepast onderzoek in het domein, samen met bedrijven.

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Organised by Leuven MindGate in cooperation with imec and Flanders Make

The classical assembly line is coming to a stop. Enter flexible production!

The assembly line was introduced in the early 1900s. It skyrocketed the productivity of workers, for the first time allowing efficient mass production of standard products. The line timed and coordinated the actual production, dividing the work into standard repetitive actions that required little explanation. But lately, products have become smarter, with customized and client-specific features. They no longer fit traditional mass production on a classical assembly line.

What we need today are flexible factories, factories where unique products can be assembled at a cost comparable to mass production. We are seeing the introduction of flexible, digital factories, where the status of each product is known at any time, together with its next production steps. In such a factory, the production configuration can be modified at any time and depending on product specifications. This flexibility is enabled through e.g. mobile robots and autonomous transport lines. For each product, the optimal mix is determined between accurate and efficient automation and human intelligence and flexibility.

In this seminar we will explore this flexible factory of the 21st century.

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