Ontdek het project 'Le Palais des Congrès' in Charleroi door JDS Architects

De Building & Urban Technology Club van Agoria lanceert voor u een voorstel om mee te werken aan een presentatie van het bureau JDS Architects, bij Palais des Congrès in Charleroi.

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Charleroi is a growing city, and its growth is strategic, intentional and intelligent. The peak of this progression is a cultural, political and commercial Acropolis: the Palaces.
With a clear vision, we see the relationship between Charleroi’s Palace of beaux-Arts, the Palace of Exhibitions and the Palace of Congress as coherent, clear and efficient.
Unlike the typical image of an acropolis that is detached from its citizens, we imagine a space of exchange, of encounter, and of openness. A place of potentials rather than a place of pretention.
The Palace of Congress is the Agora of Charleroi: it will host large political, commercial and societal encounters. It will accommodate a great variety of activities, requiring programmatic and functional flexibility.

The project will serve as an iconic figure, visible from the ring road and from the main square. The project is conceived as an urban landscape.
It provides a dynamic new public space which creates continuity between the existing Palaces of Exhibition and of the Beaux-Arts and the central square.






Presentatie van Palais des congrès Charleroi door JDS Architects


Bruno de Veth, Partner-Architect & Jérôme Elleboudt, Project Manager






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JDS / Julien De Smedt Architects is een multidisciplinair architecten- en designbureau. Ze houden zich met diverse projecten bezig, maar voornamelijk woningen en openbare projecten. Meer informatie.


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